Troux Technologies

Real-time analytics to manage enterprise technology and business portfolios

The Client

Troux, acquired by Planview in 2015, creates software that enables companies to manage their technology portfolios by identifying usage, risks and dependencies. Using Troux’s analytics software, businesses can make intelligent, data-driven decisions about which technologies to invest in and which to sunset.

The Product

Troux Insight is a software solution that allows enterprise architects and business analysts to view, analyze and manage their technology portfolios. Through data input, management and analysis, users can understand not only how technologies are being used in an enterprise, but also how those technologies are connected with one another.

The End-Users

Enterprise Architects and Business Analysts

“Which technologies should we invest in? Which should we retire?”

The Problem

Troux engaged with Expero to provide UX services for Insight, a new version of their popular analytics software. The new platform needed to provide a lighter-weight experience requiring little to no training to perform ad-hoc business analysis and curate data.

The Solution

By employing Kanban and other Lean methods, Expero incrementally designed a compelling user experience for Insight. To expedite design prototyping, Expero incorporated UI design patterns that, for example, present help in context and enable users to explore results through interactive visualizations.





Expero designed a bubble chart to display technologies with overlapping functionality relative to their costs.
This capability map showing current project costs offers a visual key for quick data consumption.
To help decide whether or when to sunset a software product version, users can compare it to similar software in the organization.
Expero designed treemaps to highlight enterprise technology hierarchy and relationships.