Graph Database Training

Course length: 2 – 5 days

Course format: Lecture with group exercises & Q&A

Course Overview

Many data architects are very accustomed to issues related to data storage, volumes and read/write tradeoffs and are simply new to the world of graph technologies. This course resumes that attendees are seasoned technologists with exposure to common relational database technologies as well as common coding and scripting paradigms.

In this course, attendees will learn the unique aspects of graph technologies and how the architecture affects how you model and architect your graph data store.



Enterprise Architects, Data Scientists, Database Administrators, DevOps Architects

Course Highlights (customizable)

  • Graph Design Patterns
  • Whole Graph Analytics
  • Writing Complex Queries in Gremlin
  • Indexing for performance
  • Embracing Eventual Consistency & Transactions
  • Titan’s Ecosystem: TinkerPop, Cassandra, Gremlin
  • Performance Tuning Titan & Cassandra
  • DevOps gotchas
  • Physical deployment strategies
  • Developer Training: Connecting & Querying
  • Visualizing your Graph
  • Preparing for DataStax Enterprise Graph Edition

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