Designing Complex Applications & Websites

Course length: 1 – 2 days

Course format: Lecture with group exercises & Q&A

Course Overview

Applications and websites that require users to make sense of and act on rich data sets to accomplish their tasks pose special design challenges. Examples of these user experiences are everywhere: call centers, compensation management, process mapping, configuration and pricing, scientific computing, content-heavy e-commerce, Web analytics, B2B marketplaces, and more.

Creating user experiences for end-users who engage in complex problem-solving requires an approach that’s different from traditional user-centered design (UCD) methods. In this course, we explore methods, best practices and more than 40 interaction patterns geared toward complex applications and websites.


Interaction Designers, UI Developers, Information Architects, Product Managers, Business Analysts, Visual Designers, User Researchers, Usability Specialists, Executive Management with oversight responsibility.

Course Highlights (customizable)

  • Learn how to identify user experiences that require complex problem-solving
  • Understand and design for the unique domain-expert user audience
  • Requirement and UCD pitfalls
  • User research and design for complex tasks
  • Get tips on how to modify UCD methods for complex applications and websites
  • Identify interaction design patterns geared toward managing large data sets and complex activities
  • Business case for using interaction patterns
  • Learn how to apply and manage interaction patterns in the design process
  • Transforming design research data into designs
  • Learn how to manage and organize interaction design patterns
  • Prototyping
  • Usability testing complex user interfaces
  • Information architecture and navigation: Challenges and solutions
  • Content and terminology
  • Visual design
  • How to improve upon traditional design communication methods

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