Custom Training & Speaking

Course length: Typically 1 day, 2 days or 3 days

Talk length: Typically 1-2 hours


Expero offers on-site, custom training and talks on user experience topics. Our speakers have been doing so since 1995.

Each training course or talk is tailored to the organization’s audience and specific needs. Courses typically cover best practices, hands-on exercises and key examples from the organization’s own projects.

Topics from past custom courses and talks include:

  • Big Data: Designing & Architecting Reactive UIs
  • UI Design Patterns for Navigating Complex Data Sets
  • Designing Complex Applications & Websites
  • Integrating User Experience into Agile Development
  • Creating Useful & Usable Interactive Visualizations
  • Using UI Prototypes to Validate Your Product
  • Content Usability
  • Interaction Design Methods
  • Visual Design Best Practices for Complex Data
  • Interviewing & Survey Techniques
  • User Testing Techniques for Domain-Expert Users
  • Competitive Usability Testing
  • Joy of Use: The Next Stage of User Experience


Anyone interested in developing user experience skills or learning best practices. We have created custom courses for Interaction Designers, Information Architects, Visual Designers, Usability Specialists, User Researchers, Writers, Developers, Product Managers, Business Analysts, Executive Management, and other roles.