Encore Graph DB Shootout Presentation for Austin Data Geeks

Check out the updated version given at DataDay Seattle in July, 2016: Graph Database Shootout 2.0.

The Austin Data Geeks & Austin Graphs Meet-ups invited me to do an encore presentation of our GraphDay presentation: Graph Database Engine Shoot-out. The event was kindly hosted by HomeAway in their swanky meeting-eating-relaxing space in the HomeAway North offices at The Domain. Betraying my expectations for cold pizza and warm beer, there was a great food buffet and plenty of cold beverages.

The group was nearly 70 by my count, with some excellent questions and delightfully pointed comments throughout the talk. I got to chat with a few folks afterwards. It is great fun hearing how my data interests and experiences are quite common to my fellow data-geeks in Austin.

Sadly, Sebastian Good couldn’t join us, so I got to go through both parts of the presentation. We’ve added a few slides at the end to better illustrate when using a graph database is recommended. You can download a PDF of the presentation here:

Graph Database Shootout

Finally, here are a few tweets from the event: