Expero Announces Silver-Level Partnership with DataStax

DataStax is pleased to announce its Silver-Level System Integration partnership with Expero.

Expero is now a Silver-level partner in the DataStax partner network, DataStax has announced.

Expero brings challenging software product ideas to reality for complex domains. Expero’s expertise in graph and analytics—coupled with expertise in User Experience, Product Strategy and Architecture & Development—will allow DataStax customers to heuristically investigate and explore Big Data data sets in new and innovative ways.

With special focus on graph databases, multiple DataStax Certified Architects and Developers and one TinkerPop committer, Expero is proud to provide the following offerings to our customers:

  • Graph Database Evaluations
  • Data Modeling Workshops
  • Database Advisory Services

Furthermore, Expero’s unique place in the market with advanced user experience and implementation services will provide a more comprehensive suite of services to DataStax customers that require advanced visualizations as well as underlying data and analytics services.