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It’s complicated, but we’ll make it usable and beautiful.

Complex applications and websites are hard to get right. If you have a data-intensive system for domain-expert users, then you know what we mean. UIs that require users to sift through, analyze and act upon large amounts of information pose unique UX design challenges. Systems running at high-performance computing scale with Big Data pose an even greater challenge.

Using special design techniques honed over the years, Expero creates novel solutions that tame scale and complexity to reveal your technology’s value and create a great user experience. We know your users are the cornerstone of your product, and they’re no longer forgiving of a bad user experience, even if it’s at work. Regardless whether your users are the most expert of scientific experts or novices in your domain, we’ll figure out their needs, desires and behaviors. For all and any of these cases, we specialize in:

  • getting inside the heads of end-users (no matter what’s in there)
  • creating experiences  for mobile, responsive and large-screen multi-touch
  • developing customized UI design pattern libraries
  • designing interactive visualizations for data-rich environments
  • innovating for new problems
  • learning the users’ domain and terminology
  • mapping user behaviors to motivations
  • creating actionable, data-driven plans to improve usability and usefulness.

If you are working in Big Data, check out our online seminar on applying design-oriented thinking to Big Data and reactive UIs.

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