Product Strategy


Your brilliant product needs a brilliant game plan. Let’s get there.

Maybe you’ve got a disruptive technology or product idea that’s going to change the way your users work—for the better.  Or maybe your R&D team has been trapped in a loop with brilliant ideas but no tangible path forward.

You need to devise a strategy and get your target users on board. We’ll work with the team to conceptualize the research and get your ideas off the drawing board and into a product that will reach well beyond the boardroom.

You can expect us to:

  • identify what’s valuable to your target customers and users
  • work with you and your users toward a pilot and advance to a GA release
  • translate the language of statisticians and mathematicians into the language of the users (maybe the term “brachistochrone curve” shouldn’t appear in your UI)
  • determine good governance strategies that include key stakeholders from all disciplines
  • define a practical and effective product delivery framework
  • identify issues with high-performance computing and scalability.

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By using the Expero User Engagement Model™, we ensure that the relevant constituencies are served–in a rigorous, data-driven fashion.

Our Requirements Stream™ portal ensures that your resources and budget are aligned with the needs of your business.

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