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Watch Our Free Webinar: Big Data: Designing & Architecting Reactive UIs

By Lynn Pausic on August 12, 2015 in Design, Process and Strategy, Training

What do my users want to do with Big Data? How do they want to visualize it, interact with it and manage it? How big is my data, really? How much data can a human deal with at one time, and how much data should we process at one time? How can the UX accommodate data sources that respond at different rates? If these questions resonate with you, then check […]

Watch Our Free Webinar: Using UI Prototypes to Validate Your Product

By Valle Hansen on July 20, 2015 in Design, Free UX Advice, User Research and Testing

Are you a Product Manager looking to show some early design directions to stakeholders and end-users? Are you a Developer needing a little more direction from the design team? Or a UX Designer or Researcher trying to figure out how detailed your designs need to be to communicate your intentions and get valuable feedback from users? In this webinar, Expero highlights the major differences between static wireframes and interactive prototypes, […]

Anybody’s Guess: Why Research Matters

By Valle Hansen on June 23, 2015 in Process and Strategy, User Research and Testing

As a user researcher, I am, of course, an evangelist of all things research. I love research! I love reading everything and learning everything and understanding everything I possibly can about a subject. Infographics are neat but I want more more more information! Give it to me—all of it! As a user researcher, I also, of course, realize that not everybody feels the same way. Often including clients. Do We […]

Watch Our Free Webinar: Creating Useful & Usable Interactive Visualizations

By John Morkes on May 21, 2015 in Design, Process and Strategy

Ever wonder about the best way to visualize your application’s data sets? Is a tree map the way to go? Maybe a bubble chart? Are there certain visual mechanisms that lend themselves naturally to certain data types? Do your users even understand common visualizations? This webinar can help. Expero’s Lynn Pausic and Chad Huff present best practices for creating useful and usable interactive visualizations for complex data sets, starting with […]

Watch Our Free Webinar: UI Design Patterns for Navigating Complex Data Sets

By John Morkes on May 1, 2015 in Design, Process and Strategy

Expero recently gave a webinar on user interface design patterns for complex data sets. Now we’re sharing it here. A design pattern, as we explained in our January 2015 blog post, is “a good, reusable solution for a common but specific interaction design problem.” In this webinar, Lynn Pausic and I present design problems that are often seen in applications and sites […]

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