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Watch Our Free Webinar: Creating Useful & Usable Interactive Visualizations

By John Morkes on May 21, 2015 in Design, Process and Strategy

Ever wonder about the best way to visualize your application’s data sets? Is a tree map the way to go? Maybe a bubble chart? Are there certain visual mechanisms that lend themselves naturally to certain data types? Do your users even understand common visualizations? This webinar can help. Expero’s Lynn Pausic and Chad Huff present best practices for creating useful and usable interactive visualizations for complex data sets, starting with […]

Watch Our Free Webinar: UI Design Patterns for Navigating Complex Data Sets

By John Morkes on May 1, 2015 in Design, Process and Strategy

Expero recently gave a webinar on user interface design patterns for complex data sets. Now we’re sharing it here. A design pattern, as we explained in our January 2015 blog post, is “a good, reusable solution for a common but specific interaction design problem.” In this webinar, Lynn Pausic and I present design problems that are often seen in applications and sites […]

Beware the Two-Tap Rule

By John Morkes on April 1, 2015 in Design, User Research and Testing

I’m a fan of Yahoo for news and email, but I’m not a fan of their new “two-tap rule.” The rule states that once a user is in a Yahoo application, it should take only two taps to do anything the user wants to do. Fast-to-use apps are the goal here. The two-tap rule sounds a lot like our field’s misguided

Toward a Screenless World?

By Valle Hansen on February 24, 2015 in Design, Inspiration

A Review of The Best Interface Is No Interface by Golden Krishna  Several years ago, I attended a neat speech by a young but awesome UX Designer named Golden Krishna, with credentials ranging from product innovating at Samsung, to designing at Zappos, to writing for major publications. The speech was titled “The Best Interface Is No Interface,” and the room was packed—presumably full of user interface designers. It was a […]

Can Google’s Material Design guidelines work for complex applications?

By Chad Huff on February 10, 2015 in Design

Is Google’s Material Design for complex software? My first reaction after reading through these new Google guidelines was: no. There’s no way these simple rules will translate seamlessly to complex enterprise-class applications—the kinds of projects that Expero excels at—at least not without starting over and removing 90% of the features/functionality that users want at their fingertips. To backtrack, Google’s Material Design […]

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