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User Experience is not Graphic Design

I have a new job as a UI designer, and my company just doesn’t understand User Experience. Development runs the show, and they think my job is to design icons and color palettes. What’s the best way to explain UX so that everybody gets it?

We think the best way to explain that UX is more than graphic design is with a graphic (yes, that’s ironic). We think of [...]

Usefulness vs. Usability

In usability tests, people say our application is easy to use. But in the field, very few users are actually using the app. What should we do?

Your user adoption could be low for many reasons. A common reason is lack of usefulness. That’s what we’ll discuss here. Usability testing typically focuses on how easily and efficiently users can complete their tasks. Those are important. Just as important is [...]

Integrating UX and Agile (Part 1)

By Lynn Pausic on March 6, 2012 in Featured

Producing great user experiences in an Agile environment can be a challenge. As a designer who has been working in the User Experience (UX) field for over 20 years and as part of Agile teams since 2006, I have truly come to embrace Agile. Dare I say, often I prefer it. As the product releases move ever faster, Agile, Kanban and other Lean methods are here to stay. It’s time [...]

Stakeholder alignment

I’m designing the UI for an application, and people here have different ideas about what this product should do. How am I supposed to design when I don’t know what I’m designing?

This is a common problem, especially when requirements haven’t been written down and agreed on by the project and business stakeholders. We recommend doing a stakeholder survey early in the project, to help align the stakeholders. The [...]

Finding study participants

How can we find people to be in our studies?

Study participants can be found in many ways. Start by defining the types of users you want for your study. A typical persona will not be enough here. For example, if you have a persona called “Amy”, a 27-year-old office manager who likes romantic comedies, etc., whom will you recruit for your study? People named Amy? 27-year-olds? Office managers? [...]

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