Expero Joins JanusGraph Community


Today Expero is excited to be part of the group introducing JanusGraph, a Linux Foundation–hosted project based on the popular open-source graph database Titan. Expero is part of a community who have used and improved Aurelius’s innovative distributed graph database over the last year, including Google, GRAKN.AI, Hortonworks and IBM. The launch of JanusGraph enables this community to collaborate on production-ready graph technology. If you or your company are interested in getting involved, you are invited to visit the project’s website and browse the code on GitHub.

Several JanusGraph members, including developers from Expero, GRAKN.AI and IBM, will participate in Graph Day Texas in Austin http://graphday.com/ on January 14, 2017. They plan to run a JanusGraph birds-of-a-feather session. Please connect with Ted Wilmes on Twitter if you would like an invitation.

Through training, public speaking and client work for the Fortune 500, Expero have been thought leaders in the world of property graphs since 2014. JanusGraph joins DataStax (DataStax Enterprise Graph), Neo Technologies (Neo4J), Cambridge Technologies (Keylines) and Linkurious as Expero graph technology partners.

Expero’s graph practice supports clients throughout their product life cycle with:

  • A JanusGraph commercial support package for clients already using Titan and who prefer to remain on a pure open-source solution.
  • Training and team augmentation in graph technology, user experience design, and data modeling to kick-start graph projects, from 3-day bootstraps to 3-week bootcamps.
  • Lean prototyping and live data experience proofs of concept, to accelerate lengthy graph “science projects” via demonstration of real business cases using real data.
  • A graph toolkit targeted at the Apache TinkerPop ecosystem, for quickly loading data from relational systems, and implementing insightful graph analyses.

Whether your organization is dipping its toes into the graph world for the first time, or is already deep into a project, contact Expero at info@experoinc.com or visit graph.experolabs.com.


Founded in 2001, Expero is a consultancy that specializes in bringing challenging ideas to reality through the full life cycle of product development, from lean discovery and prototyping, to market validation and user experience design, to innovative architecture and development.