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A detour from history and physics degrees at Rice University led Sebastian to the world of computer science, and he hasn’t looked back since. His work focuses on two things: organizing complex systems around powerful abstractions and an obsession with performance.

After internships at Rice University and Microsoft, his first job was in technical sales at Trilogy Software. The job was described as “building demos” but that wasn’t the hard part: It was figuring out the customer’s industry, offering and problems! A well-executed demo only starts by showing technical merit; it must also spark a discussion and create true understanding amongst the members of the technical and business staff. Sebastian still enjoys the high of a breakthrough demo every time it happens.

You can’t stay current on technology unless you’re shipping real code, so Sebastian turned back to building things for customers, founding custom software development company Palladium Consulting in 2001. Building the company from one to thirteen people, Sebastian built interactive slippy web maps for scientific computing when MapQuest was still state of the art, big databases for projects that had only known files, and distributed system architectures to scale workstation applications to the cloud. Today he’s most involved in charting technology strategy for the world of elastic clouds, from Big Data to streaming analytics.

Outside of work, you’ll usually find Sebastian on a plane exploring some place interesting with his family, visiting friends, or trying to find some bumps to ski down.


“Big Data: Designing & Architecting Reactive UIs,” a online seminar co-presented with Lynn Pausic and recorded in July 2015 about how to manage Big Data in design and development.

“ISPC: Vector Processing without a GPU,” presented at a client’s closed developer conference in 2015.

“Using Domain-Driven Design to unify HPC simulations and interactive web applications,” 2013.

“The Google Era: What it Means to Program When the Speed of Light is Too Slow,” 2013.

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