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Most recently, as part of a worldwide team, Ken has designed, developed and integrated features of an Exploration and Modeling support system in the petroleum industry. This includes integrated subsurface modeling, risking, geospatial and relational data management, and analysis using a web-based, multi-tier client server application structure.

In the course of a long career, Ken has specialized in the design and development of multi-tier component-based systems for high-reliability applications, including real-time manufacturing data collection and analysis systems. He has extensive experience in corporate, project and product management as well as in leading and mentoring project teams of all sizes. He is an expert in the architecture, design and development of relational systems. He also holds one of the first patents (with others) covering B2B web portals.

Ken also founded and served as CEO and CTO of a software development firm focusing on manufacturing industries, growing the firm from three to more than 40 employees over 15 years.

In the mists of time, Ken completed an engineering degree at the University of Michigan in operations research and decision analysis with graduate work in the simulation of large systems. He has also been known to race cars on tracks and through the woods.

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